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If you are in pre foreclosure and looking for help,  You’ve just reached it, Contact Mike now!

I am a Real Estate Expert in solving  foreclosure situations.  When you owe more on your home than what it is worth,  My goal is to give you a Fresh Start by getting you out of the situation. I know how to stop  Real Estate  Foreclosure by successfully navigating the short sale process.  When you owe more than your home is worth: 


    • I can  get  your home sold,  to give you a fresh start.
    • I can stop your foreclosure by selling your house before the auction, so you will get out of your situation and save your credit.
    • I can get your lender to discount your Mortgage, which will allow you to sell your house.
    • I get your lender to allow my fees, so you won’t have to bring any money to the closing table.

What about Loan Modification?  I don't do  Loan Modifications as I am not an attorney or Mortgage Broker and therefore not licensed to do them in Washington State (see my resource page for loan modification scams).

However, I understand them. To do a loan modification,  you will have to prove your income and it must be enough to support your new payment.    Check out our Resource Page for Loan Modifications and other self help.

Here's what my team found out about Loan Modifications.  If you want to stay in your home and can afford your home it's probably a good deal, maybe even a great deal.  The question is what is your goal, how long do you want to keep your house?  In most cases they are not modifying the principal, they are simply adding it to the back end and they are only modifying the payments.  This means It could be years before you have equity in your house again.    So, if you plan to sell your home in the next couple of years, you could still find a need to do a short sale in order to sell.  It might be better to take your lumps now, like I said it depends upon your goals and what is best for you. Give me a call and lets talk.

I  am a Real Estate Expert, a Realtor,  and have been in the Real Estate industry for over 25 years.  I have been an active Real Estate agent since 1987, during which time I have owned and manage a home building company as well my short sale company.  As a small builder, I’ve designed and built many homes, developed land and remodeled every phase of houses over the years. Additonally,  I’ve owned, bought and sold many houses as a Real Estate Investor. 


I currently own and operate a short sale company called RealMitigation.com.  Although I am not an attorney and I am not an accountant I fully understand the tax consequences of a short sale,  as well as the foreclosure process of  Deeds of trusts in Washington State.  I consistently educate myself on the short sale process and stay on top of what is happening nationally as well as locally in Washington State. 


 I’m always consulting with attorneys and have spent a lot of my own money to stay current on short sales and the foreclosure process in Washington State.  Although I do not give legal advice, I have found I know and understand the foreclosure process as it relates to short sales better than most attorneys and real estate agents in the state of Washington

Contact Mike Karsten NOW!
No Obligation Consultation

Mike Karsten, Real Estate Agent, Realtor
Mountain View Properties
Your Foreclosure and Short Sale Expert
314 182nd Ave E, ste A, Lake Tapps, WA  98391


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